What is an RFP?

You may have received an RFP via email. An RFP is a Request for Provider. This is a way for families and individuals to seek providers who will meet their needs. If you are looking to build your client base, be sure to check it out and respond.

If you are interested in a particular RFP, please response using the “email” link within the RFP. Be sure to include the RFP# in your response. Please respond only if you meet all the requirements listed in the RFP. Keep in mind that your response will be sent directly to the individual/family so be sure to take this opportunity to make a good impression. The individual/family will choose the providers who they will call to interview.

Please respond to the contact listed. The individual/family will be provided with the names and numbers of the providers who respond. The individual/family will then review the providers who responded and will choose who they call to interview.