Meet Zach!

After bringing home two gold medals and one silver medal from the 2019 Special Olympic Summer Games, Zach’s medal count has reached an impressive 70 medals! Zach has been competing since 6th grade and has become quite the athlete. His favorite sports to participate in are swimming, basketball and track and field.

At the end of the school year, Zach graduated from the ACT Program at Olentangy. Throughout the program he gained employment experience at Panera Bread Co. and We Rock the Spectrum. After working with Zach through the ACT Program, both companies hired Zach to work for them. Zach was the first student from the ACT Program to be hired to work at the Lewis Center Panera. While Zach enjoyed his job at Panera very much, Zach chose to allow more time for college and work solely for We Rock the Spectrum.

Since graduation, Zach has enrolled in Columbus State to pursue a degree in Early Childhood. After meeting with Zach, it is clear he has a true passion for working with children. We asked Zack how he helps children at work and he said, “When a kid is having a difficult time I take them to the calming room.” Zach went on to explain how he takes time to understand what the child needs and how he can help them feel better. Zach is known to many of the children at We Rock the Spectrum as “the funny man.” If you’ve ever met Zach, you’d know why. He has an infectious smile and exudes happiness. Zach is a compassionate teacher that any student would be lucky to have.

Outside of his work and school, Zach enjoys watching movies, reading comics, traveling and playing video games with his friends. He loves learning about historical events and visiting different battle fields. His ability to rattle off movie trivia and historical facts is remarkable. We asked Zach’s mom what she would like people to know about him and she said, “That he is smart, hardworking, friendly, and has a great sense of humor.” We couldn’t agree more! We know Zach is destined for great things and we look forward to seeing where he goes next!