Meet Emma

Creative, funny, smart, and inquisitive are a few words that describe Emma. She is all around our American Girl. Emma is an active participant in her community, loves to read, and enjoys crafting things with her hands.

Emma just completed her sixth year of 4-H and has been elected as the incoming president for her 4-H club for 2019. According to Ohio 4-H Family Guide, “all 4-H programs focus on active involvement and quality experiences that stimulate lifelong learning of values and skills.”

This past year, Emma took a wide variety of projects to the fair. She took scrapbooking, sewing, vegetable gardening, seed art, and even made her own fairy garden. Emma received a total of seven blue ribbons and two outstandings. Her outstanding awards were for her beautifully designed seed art and for the pumpkin she grew.

Emma sews for more than her 4-H projects. It’s something she truly enjoys and has a lot of fun choosing the patterns. Emma has made custom clothing and quilts for her large collection of American Girl dolls. Her favorite outfit that she made for her dolls was a t-shirt and coordinating velour skirt. “I asked Emma if she wanted to make the skirt out of a fabric that is easier to sew,” shared her mom. “But she confidently said, ‘Nope I can do it!’ and she did.”

In addition to her joy of sewing, Emma loves to read books. She has so many books that her dad had to bolt her bookshelf to the wall to keep it from tipping over! “I know where everything is at the library. They should hire me to work there,” she teased. Emma’s favorite books are the American Girl books, especially those that teach her about the American Girl dolls she owns.  When we asked Emma what she thought she might want to do after school it was no surprise when she said she might become a librarian!

Emma is the youngest of six. She and her siblings have a close relationship and have grown up in a tight knit family. While the support from her family and community have been important, Emma’s mom also shared that the support of DCBDD has made things a lot easier. “When I have questions I can get help,” she shared.

We are happy to be a small part of Emma’s wonderful life. We look forward to seeing what Emma takes as her fair projects next year!