Meet Andrea

Andrea has worked for the Foot & Ankle Wellness Center for almost four years. As an active participant in the Delaware community, Andrea knows many of the patients that come through the door. She is always a smiling face that welcomes people to the Center. “She is fun and sociable” shared her supervisor. “Andrea is always looking for things to do.”

For the most part, Andrea’s work at the Foot & Ankle Wellness Center consists of shredding and scanning documents. Andrea likes to stay busy and when she has free time, she helps the marketing department fill goodie bags for upcoming events.

Outside of work Andrea likes to play Wii bowling, attend For Friends and community events, and watch her favorite shows Rosanne and the Last Man Standing.

We asked Andrea what advice she has for others who are thinking about applying for a job. She said, “Go and see how you like it. Check it out before you apply.” Andrea enjoys participating in the office’s Fifth Wednesday events. On months that have a fifth Wednesday, the office closes early and goes out into the community to volunteer or do team building activities.

When talking about the support she receives from her Support Administrator at the County Board Andrea said, “I like working with her. She knows everything and helps me out. She is my role model.”

We are happy to see Andrea enjoying her longtime employment with the Foot & Ankle Wellness Center! #EmploymentFirst