Meet Jeremy

We had a great time catching up with Jeremy the other day! Jeremy is one active guy and participates in five different sports throughout the year. Jeremy is a member of the Delaware County Special Olympics golf, powerlifting, and bowling teams. He recently reached a personal best for deadlifting 240 pounds and for bench pressing 160 pounds! Over the summer, Jeremy took first place in his bowling tournament and placed second in his first golf tournament. In addition to his involvement with Special Olympics, Jeremy stays busy with Ohio Wesleyan’s inclusive exercise program and the Miracle League’s baseball team.

When he’s not participating in sports, Jeremy can be found cheering on his favorite professional teams the Cincinnati Reds, Cincinnati Bengals, and The Ohio State University. When those teams aren’t performing to his standards, Jeremy has been known to be an occasional Cleveland Indians and Cleveland Browns fan. Perhaps one of Jeremy’s greatest moments was meeting Hall of Fame, Cincinnati Reds pitcher Jack Billingham and receiving an autographed game day bobblehead.

There’s much more to Jeremy than just sports. Jeremy has built quite the fan base at the Kroger where he has worked as a curtesy clerk for the last eight years. Jeremy has several customers who come to Kroger to see him specifically.  His employer loves when Jeremy is working on Ohio State Football Saturdays because he gets customers involved in the O-H-I-O cheer all day long. We asked Jeremy how long he would like to work at Kroger and he said, “Fifty-nine years!” We think that’s a great goal.

Jeremy and Kroger have been a great employment match to say the least. We asked Jeremy how he got his job at Kroger and his mom had to giggle. “He wasn’t even trying to get a job,” she said.  “We were checking out our groceries and the clerk told Jeremy he should work at Kroger. By the time I had finished paying, Jeremy had completed the application and gotten himself a job!” Eight years later, Jeremy is still working there!

When Jeremy isn’t working or playing sports, he enjoys watching old TV shows like Family Matters and the Cosby Show. He also has a love for music. His favorite singer is Bruce Springsteen and he hopes someday the two will get to meet.

Jeremy is living his best life and we can’t wait to see what he does next.