Bath Bombs by Kyle

Meet Kyle!

Kyle is a budding entrepreneur and passionate musician. After graduating high school, Kyle worked at a few different businesses but just could not seem to find the right place that met his interests. He wanted his own business. After researching a few ideas, Kyle and his family combined his interest in crafts, cooking and essential oils to create Bath Bombs by Kyle.

Bath Bombs by Kyle offers three main products: bath bombs, shower melts, and lip balm. All of the products are made with 100% natural ingredients. Perhaps the most important “ingredient” to Kyle’s product is the handwritten thank you and customized treat that accompany each order. “Kyle is always thinking about people and what makes them happy. He is proud to have his name on his product,” explained Patty, Kyle’s mom. Making others happy is important to Kyle and it shows in everything he touches.

Kyle plays a key role in his business. He has his hands in the online marketing of his products, creating new scents, counting and tracking inventory, grocery shopping for ingredients, making his products, and of course, choosing the next themed treat to go along with each order.

Currently, Bath Bombs by Kyle is focusing on finishing up their Easter orders and preparing for the next major holiday, Mother’s Day! Bath Bombs by Kyle will start accepting Mother’s Day orders on April 1st. Growing quickly, Bath Bombs by Kyle is in the process of adding an online payment option to keep up with demand.

With the success of his new business, Kyle has experienced what it feels like to get a pay check. When we asked Kyle what he was saving up his money for he quickly answered, “new cymbals for my drums!”

Kyle is a music enthusiast. He is a drummer, song writer, and loves playing in his band. Kyle enjoys listening to live bands at Mudflats, many of whom have grown to know Kyle and his love for music. Occasionally, Kyle is invited to join the bands on stage to play in a song or two.

Outside of his new business and playing in a band, Kyle finds time to volunteer and give back. Every week he helps prepare the Wednesday night dinner at his church for around 150 people.

We are so proud of Kyle for following his passions and starting his own business! Keep up the great work. We look forward to seeing what you do next!