Overview of Potential Waiting List Changes

As you may be aware, the current Waiting List Rule is under review. The current Waiting List Rule has been in effect for many years. It allows a person to be on waiting lists across multiple counties regardless of the person’s need for services. Because of this practice, the waiting lists are extremely long and do not represent a true picture of why people are waiting and what they are waiting for.

On May 14, the Ohio General Assembly's Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review approved the revised Waiting List Rule. The effective date of the Waiting List Rule change will be postponed from the proposed date of July 1, 2018 to September 1, 2018. This additional time will allow county boards a few more months to familiarize staff members and people served with the changes associated with the new rule.

County boards will assess the needs of the people currently on their waiting list to determine if someone has a current need according to the new assessment tool. If the person is determined to have a current need they will be placed on the waiting list.  If a person’s needs are currently being met, their name will not be added to the new waiting list. The change in the waiting list rule will not affect anyone who is already enrolled on the waiver.

If you have questions about this change, please contact your Service Coordinator or Service and Support Administrator. If you do not have a DCBDD contact assigned to you, please call Intake and Eligibility at 740-201-3601 for assistance.

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