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Advance DD Services
Phone: 6147875504 Fax:
E-mail: addc2009@yahoo.com
Provider Website: www.advanceddcare.com
Serving all ages. Available anytime.
Open to all Delaware Co.

Dreamshine at Autumn Lakes
Phone: 6142269105 Fax:
E-mail: administrative.assistant@dreamshine.org
Provider Website: www.dreamshine.org
Adult Day Program with innovative job options, recreation. Day-hab in Sunbury and New Albany
skill building and more. Mon-Fri Daytime Transition and Adult

Open Arms Health Systems, LLC
Phone: 6143904340 Fax:
E-mail: callison925@gmail.com  
Provider Website:
Serving Transition and Adult. Available anytime.
Open to all Delaware County.

The Alternative Center LLC
Phone: 7409365412 Fax:
E-mail: carol@thealternativecenter.com
Provider Website:
Serving Transition and Adults Available Mon-Fri Day and Evening
Day Hab location: 10659 Johnstown Rd - New Albany, OH 43054

Corner Stone Supported Living, LLC
Phone: 6148824499 Fax:
E-mail: chantilla@cssliving.com
Provider Website: www.cssliving.com
Serving School Age, Transition and Adults. Available anytime.
Open to All Delaware County

Bridges to Independence, Inc.
Phone: 7402253146 Fax:
E-mail: chrisritchie@bridgestoindependence.com
Provider Website: www.bridgestoindependence.com
School Age, Transition and Adult. Available anytime. Specialty is all areas related to services
including emergency situations. Open to all Delaware Co.

Respite Connections
Phone: 6148904357 Fax:
E-mail: christesnyder@respiteconnections.org
Provider Website: www.respiteconnections.org
Serving all ages. Available anytime. Specialty is deaf, MIDD and kids with MIDD.
Open to Delaware City, Southern Delaware Co, Westerville and Dublin.

Creative Foundations Inc.
Phone: 8773456733 Fax:
E-mail: david@creativefoundations.org
Provider Website: www.creativefoundations.org
Open to All Ages Available Anytime
Open to all of Delaware County

A.W. Holdings, LLC
Phone: 2607446145 Fax:
E-mail: DBeebe@benchmarkshs.com
Provider Website: www.awsusa.com
Serving Transition and Adult. Available anytime. Specialty is supported employment and
day habilitation services contact: Teri Franklin tfranklin@awsusa.com. Open to all Delaware Co. Residential contact: Brandy Adams 740-225-1346 or badams@awsusa.com.

Healthy Connections Home Care and Day Habilitation, LLC
Phone: 6145328553 Fax:
E-mail: healthyconnect@yahoo.com
Provider Website: www.healthyconnectionsohio.com
Serving School Age through Adult. Available anytime. Open to all Delaware Co.

Andrew Developmental Disabilities Services, LLC
Phone: 6148641700 Fax:
E-mail: info@addsohio.com
Provider Website: www.addsohio.com
Serving all ages. Available anytime. Specialty is Autism, PDD, BiPolar, Supported Living.
Open to all Delaware Co.

Stone Lake Center, LLC
Phone: 6143483888 Fax:
E-mail: information@stonelakecenter.com
Provider Website: www.stonelakecenter.com
Serving Transition and Adults. Available Mon-Fri daytime. Specialty is medically fragile,

Dungarvin Ohio, LLC
Phone: 6144367440 Fax:
E-mail: jgulley@dungarvin.com
Provider Website: www.dungarvin.com
Serving all ages, available anytime.
Open to all of Delaware County

Reflektions, LTD
Phone: 6145606994 Fax:
E-mail: justin.livingston@reflektionsltd.com
Provider Website: www.reflektionsltd.com
Open to All Ages, Available Anytime, Open to All of Delaware County

all R friends
Phone: 6143571414 Fax:
E-mail: kathy@allrfriends.com
Provider Website: www.allrfriends.info
Serving 18yrs+. Available anytime. Supported Living: annetta@allrfriends.com
Locations: Delaware, Westerville, Dublin and Gahanna. Contacts: Day program ryan@allrfriends.com - Vocational howard@allrfriends.com

The Gentle Hands Care Agency, LLC
Phone: 6143981487 Fax:
E-mail: kimneal@tghca.com  
Provider Website:
Serving all ages. Available anytime.
Open to all Delaware Co.

Alpha Group Inc.
Phone: 7403685810 Fax:
E-mail: lizowens@alphagroup.net
Provider Website: www.alphagroup.net
Day Program andv Vocational contact is Jim Cornett at jimcornett@alphagroup.net.
2 locations: 1000 Alpha Drive, Delaware, OH 43015 and 6580 Columbus Pike, Lewis Center OH 43035 Open to all Delaware County.

Pathways to Independence of Central Ohio
Phone: 6143782498 Fax:
E-mail: pathways2independenceohio@gmail.com  
Provider Website:

Reach Educational Services, LLC
Phone: 6144514465 Fax:
E-mail: reach.admin@reachohio.com  
Provider Website: www.reachohio.com
Serving all ages. Available anytime. Specialty is autism, Beh Management, ABA.
Home and Clinic. Clinic 3254 W Henderson Rd, Columbus 43220.

ViaQuest Day Services
Phone: 6143390813 Fax:
E-mail: rich.johnson@viaquestinc.com
Provider Website: www.viaquestinc.com
Serving adults. Available anytime. Specialized Beh Training. 2nd shift avail.
Medicaid funded Mental Health Services avail.

Spark, LLC
Phone: 7404039293 Fax:
E-mail: salaney@windstream.net
Provider Website: www.sparkllc.org
Serving ages transition - adult. Available Mon-Sat day and evening. Open to all Delaware Co.
Specialty is Voc training and day program. Is OOD certified. Day program location is 760 Lakeview Plaza Bvld, Suite 525 - Worthington

Food for Good Thought, Inc.
Phone: 6145957729 Fax:
E-mail: todd@foodforgoodthought.com  
Provider Website: wwww.foodforgoodthought.com

Life Builders, LLC
Phone: 6143055156 Fax:
E-mail: wjustice@lifebuilders.us
Provider Website: www.LifeBuilders.us
Serving Adults. Specialty is life, social & employability skill training.
Recreation & socialization and lots of volunteer opportunities. Day Hab.